Our mission

BET HEALTH is a young and dynamic german company that imports and distributes the best and most exclusive products available in nature. Established as an exclusive distributor of a sought Manuka honey, typical of Australia and New Zealand, it is only thanks to our great passion and dedication that we can be really competitive in today’s market. Settled in the heart of Europe, our network spreads through channels such as pharmacies, drugstores, private hospitals, specialized beauty centers, medical professionals and the online distribution.


Daily requested: competence, commitment and engagement.


As exclusive distributor of top quality products, we offer only the excellence to our customers. This goal has been chosen as basis of our business and thanks to that BET HEALTH is now a leader in its field. Our know-how has given a new level of enjoyment to our customer.

Certified products

Through the consultancy of the best sector experts, our company has the all required certificates by law in each country where we distribute. Since the healthcare needs precision and transparency, we assure the efficacy of the products, together with our suppliers and partners.


Worldwide distribution

We are exclusive distributors for many brands which trusted us for selling their products in various countries around the world. Our staff works daily on the optimization of delivery time, prices and customer satisfaction in order to give them the best service quality.



Our strong net of distribution developed in years of experience, goes across several kind of customers: pharmacies, medical professionals, Health Food Store, Organic Food Stores, practitioners, beauty saloons and internet retailers.



With the purpose to give an exclusive service for our exclusive portfolio of customers, we manage all aspects of product design, material specifications and distribution with our suppliers. That‘s because the brand identifies the people and ideas.



We have selected best staff for giving a great and constructive support in every field of our business. Thanks to our competent employees, our company received excellent feedbacks making us more challenged and near to the customer needs.



The Manuka honey shows extraordinary high antibacterial properties and the several MGO (Methylglyoxal) concentrations give a wide possibility to use it in different fields. For this reason BET HEALTH has developped further products with the Manuka honey, also in the cosmetic, dental and skincare field.

Intertek certification

Our Manuka Honey is Intertek certified , this means that its concentration of MGO and HMF have been verified and ascertained.
MGO as an indicator of antibacterial activity and HMF as an indicator of freshness of the product.
Intertek is one of the leading certification agency in the world. We employ them to give you the certainty of the composition of our honey, controlled since harvest.


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